Fender cyber twin user patches

The twin reverb ii was replaced by the twin, commonly referred to, though incorrectly as, the evil twin fender has only referred to the twin amp or the 94 twin amp as being the evil twin, not the red knob twin due to the addition of both a separate gain channel and a switchable overdrive on the clean, in 1987. It did seem to get more user friendly last time i played it, after it warmed up for a while. From a fender cybertwin, vox tone lab, line 6 hd500, and kemper. This model is the successor to the original cyber twin, produced from 2001 to 2004. The fender cybertwin amp was introduced early this year and discussed in sgf in february and april. The objective was to make use of everything the cyber twin and fender foot controller has to offer, make the software real easy to use, and make it rocksolid to use on stage. I use cyber commander to open up whats going on inside this amp. I hope knowing who is the vp of nashville fender guild custom shop might help if i do need a repair. S t a r ting with a virtual circuit board, the cyberdeluxe amplifier re w i r es its fundamental a rc h i t e c t u r e to become the essence of all the amplifier greats fenders blackface. I had an opportunity to play my fender jaguar lead guitar thru one for the first time at guitar center in medford, or a few weeks ago. I know i can save my 4 favorite patches and call them up with the 4 pos. Finally i tried the fender cyber twin 212 combo at guitar center.

Ive also written a tutorial detailing how to save and load patches using midi system exclusive data. Fender guitar amplifier owners manuals archive fender. Btw, theres about a half dozen cyber twin groups around, incl the nowdormant cyber twin posse on fdp, a smaller and slightly more active ct thread at fender forum, and two lightlyvisited cyber centric yahoo groupsct linked above and cyber deluxe, yahoos rigtips files page, and a ton of. If you have a copy of an old fender guitar amplifier owners manual not shown in this archive, wed love to have a copy to post here.

This flexible midi controller was designed specifically for use with the cyber series amps, but will work with many other midi devices. Tap into the power of your cybertwin or cyber deluxe with the cyber foot controller. The custom shop contains 85 of fenders own creations. It uses digital modeling technology to offer a variety of classic and modern amp simulated tones. Cybertwin looks durable and nice looking but the quality is very poor. Always so interesting to see how other folks think about building patches. I had some difficulty judging it because the store was very crowded and many players were testing gear at the. Basic idea is to have patches for all guitar and bass processors at one place and to make it systematic, easy to use and very informative. Fender, cybertwin, virtual tone interpolation, better tone through cybernetics. I do not like the way i have to call up or surf thru the other hundreds of patches and amp models though. The twin is very distant in design and sound to its grandfather, the blackfacesilverface twin reverb from the 60s70s and worlds apart from its tweed twin greatgrandfather from the 50s. For internet explorer or firefox users, you can download the executable file here. Pcb assy main pcb assy host pcb assy frnt panel pcb assy.

The latest, most recent, free rig presets for the avid eleven rack guitar effects modeler. The twin is more of a modern, featurerich amp with a much heavier sound more kin to a marshall or similar but with usable tones nonetheless. Black handle strap, metal reinforced, with chrome end caps two screws in each end cap. Meantime, i will continue to use my fender deluxe 90 dsp 6 months and my vox ad60vtx 1 month. I was impressed that the cybert could sound almost just like some old fender tube amps i used to have tweed deluxe, blackface super reverb. Something is plugged into the lmono effects return jack, or the headphones jack.

Fender announces the cybertwin an amplifier so revolutionary that it will change. I know fender has other models like cyberdeluxe and cyberchamp. I had some problems with the 1st gen cyber twin i had for 6 years. Btw, theres about a half dozen cyber twin groups around, incl the nowdormant cyber twin posse on fdp, a smaller and slightly more active ct thread at fender forum, and two lightlyvisited cybercentric yahoo groupsct linked above and cyber deluxe. A pdf would be great, or even a scanned jpeg, gif or tiff that we can convert. Vox valvetronix vs the fender cyber twin seymour duncan forum.

I had 4 different tones i wanted, and i dedicated a lot of time to really tweaking them, and they sound superb. From the bassman to the twin reverb, fender is a company that knows amplifiers. Bullet 15 dsp bullet 150 bullet reverb champion 30 champion 30 dsp champion 300. View and download fender cybertwin instruction manual online. The fdp is made possible by the following companies and individual members like you. Share your designs with other cybertwin owners by transferring to and fro. Step by step fender cybertwin troubleshooting guide for hardware problems no audio setup. The guitar i used on the album is my 98 jeff beck signature stratocaster.

Unfollow fender cyber twin to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. The twin was designed for maximum versatility for live or studio use with features like speaker jacks with selectable impedance, lowzxlr output, a power amp thru feature that bypassed the preamp circuit and a buffered effects loop. Page 7 cybertwin service manual fender cybertwin troubleshooting guide for user interface problems no sound what to check. It sounds like an honest amp, not just a dsp model. The cyber twin club is a small one indeed, made up of people who took the time to understand it and get the most from it. Go as deep as you like, and if you go no farther than the 85 presets fenders designed for you, theres a lot here to keep you busy. I spent a couple hours with a cyber twin at a local fender dealer. I was getting around on this amp in absolutely no time at all with great success.

Now you can dial in your favorite fender guitar amp and effects sounds for jamming, practicing and recording anytime and anywhere. Follow the instructions as stated under notes 8, on the cybertwin main schematics 0055766000 sheet1. Fender the twin or twin reverb gearslutz pro audio. My problem is the expression pedals not functioning like ive read theyre supposed to. Improved amp filtering for more natural, airy highs on some presets. Tube bass preamp 36 pages amplifier fender champion 20 owners manual.

What i like better about the vox over the cyber twin. No speakers, cabinet or any other accessories included. Gary hoey and greg koch developed a few presets among these options. Comes with a footswitch so you can access 4 presets cons. Fender cyber twin, pr 393, tube preamp, guitar amplifier. Actually, i was on jimmy fallon i jammed with the roots and everything and i played this cybertwin. Manuals are listed alphabetically by model and have been taken from our archives and converted into pdf documents. Fender has taken a huge leap beyond any amplifier or effects setup that has ever been produced. I couldnt live without one at this point to cover cleans or drive. The electronics in this fender cybertwin accessory for bass guitars make the entire. The cybertwin transcends modeling amps by rerouting the signal path for each amp simulation so the internal analog components are reconfigured to replicate classic tube amps that respond to knob tweaks just like the originals.

Expression pedal problems w fcb1010 and cyber twin im no midi expert but i did my homework and was able to figire out the basic controls. Fender cyber twin, pr 393, tube preamp, guitar amplifier, reverb, fx. Inputs and outputs are only tested for analog, not digital, connections. I swapped out the two stock fendersovtek 12ax7s for svetlanas in mine. Fender cybertwin digital guitar amplifier 2x65 watts, 2x12 in. Fender guitar amplifier owners manuals archive this article contains a list of most archived copies of fender guitar amplifier owners manuals available. I cannot say enough great things about the cyber twin.

Ill have to try it tomorrow after everyone leave me alone in the house. One place for sharing all patches effects and processors. The entire setup has thrilled me, and i love the design. The led ladder is not coming on when hitting a string. Fender cybertwin amp revisited the steel guitar forum. You might try making your own cyber twin patches the factory patches are just a small sample of what this amp can do there are so many combinations its all most unlimited what you can get out of this amp. And i loaded all my presets from home on to the one in. The front panel is laid out in such an intuitive, analog style that i found that the use of the manual was almost unnecessary. Not only does the cybertwin use the building blocks of great amp circuits to create your amp collection, it also lets you design amp effects setups of your own. Access all the cool features and patches from the floor of the stage. I was impressed that the cyber t could sound almost just like some old fender tube amps i used to have tweed deluxe, blackface super reverb. They cant even model the sound of their own amps twin.

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