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Grieg shipping group contributed to wwfs work in cleaning up after the oil spill accident outside langesund, norway. Pdf the energy control and efficiency of ships has been and will continue to be a matter of increasing importance in the years to come. The becker mewis duct consists of two strong fixed elements mounted on the vessel. Mewis duct 3 8 % pre swirl fins 3 5 % efficiency rudders 2 4 %. No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means graphic, electronic, or. Duct systems are also divided into three pressure classifications, matching the way supply fans are.

The investment is also significantly cheaper than investing in a new ecoship. Repeat this procedure, as necessary, to create supply, return, and exhaust duct systems, using the system browser to verify that all components are assigned to a system. The becker mewis duct is a novel powersaving device which has been developed for fullform slower ships that allows either significant fuel savings at a given. The mewis duct mewis, 2008, mewis, 2009 was originally developed within the context of smaller container ships and bulk carriers by a combination of a wake equalizing duct and preswirl fins, resulting in a energy savings of 79%. If necessary, click modify, and reposition duct segments. Second international symposium on marine propulsors smp11, hamburg, germany, june 2011 mewis duct new developments, solutions and conclusions friedrich mewis1, thomas guiard2 1mewis ship hydrodynamics msh, dresden, germany 2ibmv maritime innovationsgesellschaft ibmv, rostock, germany abstract the reduction of fuel consumption has become a major. Seahorse 35 is a modern 35,000 dwt handysize bulk carrier, designed in close cooperation with shipowners with the aim to create a future orientated handysize bulk carrier incorporating all existing and known future regulations. The duct straightens and accelerates the hull wake into the propeller and also produces a.

Effects of a duct before a propeller on propulsion performance. A ducted propeller, also known as a kort nozzle, is a marine propeller fitted with a nonrotating nozzle. The stator blades create a preswirl and the duct increases the flow velocity towards the propeller. The duct straightens and accelerates the hull wake into the propeller and also produces a net forward thrust. Pdf technoeconomic evaluation of energy efficiency. Vessel performance management becker mewis duct device are known to provide an energy savings of around 5% depending on hull profile. Create supply, return, and exhaust duct systems revit. However, the ittc 1978 method is not adequate for the prediction of. Therefore, the results refer to the viscous resistance only, and as such can be compared with the ittc 57. This rig, created by my friend peter holweg, is incredibly easy and fun to use.

Retrofit energy efficiency measures in shipping version 1. These elements create a duct nozzle, placed ahead of the propeller along. Installation of becker mewis duct officer of the watch. Influence of grid type and turbulence model on the numerical prediction of the flow around marine propellers working in uniform inflow.

Technology and efficiency, its role and mechanism for. The norwegian supreme court ruled that transitional taxes payable under the new tonnage tax regulations are in. Ultranav denmark aps csr report 2018 page 3 ultranav denmark the company is a fully owned subsidiary of naviera ultranav ltda, chile ultranav, which is a major. Owing to concerns of global warming and the establishing of the energy efficiency design index eedi, energy saving devices are now widely used. Becker mewis duct has increasingly been contributing to sustainable shipping. Pdf investigation of the effects of a fanshaped mewis duct before. The shipping industry is one of the major stakeholders, responsible for 3% of global co2 emissions. Of course, norway is known for its subsea expertise given the activity seen on the norwegian continental shelf for the past 4050 years and as the world moves away. Within ten years, the becker mewis duct has become a globally successful.

The energy saving principle of the new esd, which is called gate rudder, is described and its applicability on a large bulk carrier is explored using experimental and numerical methods. These elements create a duct nozzle, placed ahead of the propeller along with a fin system mounted within. It is used to improve the efficiency of the propeller and is especially used on heavily loaded propellers or propellers with limited diameter. Development of energysaving devices for a full slowspeed. In particular, the preswirl stator and preswirl duct are broadly employed. More than 1,000 of the energysaving devices have already been sold, enabling a reduction of over 2. Furthermore, becker is committed to the establishment of environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas lng in the. Courtesy of becker marine system at sspa, we have a passion for sustainable maritime. No mewis duct mewis duct in 2014 no mewis duct random suezmax speed trend no mewis duct yob 2009 no mewis duct random big picture suezmax speed trend. Indra nath bose head vessel performance management. Small tip vortices create less drag tip vortices are tubes of circulating water that are formed at the tip when the propeller generates thrust.

The mewis duct is supported by a number of preswirl fins and is positioned eccentrically with respect to the. It channels the water flow more accurately over the propeller to offer more bite and so create. Over the course of the tournament, mewis scored two goals and was the recipient of the bronze ball as the tournaments thirdbest player. This study presents a new twin rudder system with asymmetric wing section, aside a propeller, as a new category energy saving device esd for ships. Duct system design guide first edition 2003 mcgill airflow corporation mcgill airflow corporation one mission park groveport, ohio 43125 duct system design i notice. Siemens digital industries software discover better. Radical improvements in vessel efficiency greentech 2015 lee kindberg. Lehmann also said that the companys overall orderbook had increased by 20% and that turnover was forecast to be 25% higher this year. Mewis duct proactive grieg iclass t 12 m rpm p d with md without md. Introduction most air conditioning and heating systems require some form of duct work to channel or direct the. Advantages of twin rudder system with asymmetric wing. Investigation of the effects of a fanshaped mewis duct before a. Mewis captained the inaugural united states u17 that was runnerup at the 2008 fifa u17 womens world cup in new zealand, alongside north carolinas amber brooks and portlands cloee colohan.

Though final decisions have not yet been made in this respect, the imo is certainly considering the possibility. The becker mewis duct challenges in fullscale design. Module 4 shipboard energy management module aims and learning objectives this module is intended to provide the awareness, knowledge, skills and motivation required of shipboard and officebased staff on shipboard energy management techniques and activities. Announcing the brand new air duct generator for cinema4d. Pdf to define the guidelines for the design of a mewis duct for a small bulk. Installing a mewis duct can save around 6% of fuel and the company claimed that some 900,000 tonnes of co2 emissions had already been saved.

Becker marine systems provides tlksr and tlfksr twisted rudders, flap rudders, schilling rudders, full spade rudders, the becker mewis duct, kort nozzles and more for the ship industry. Ten year anniversary of becker mewis duct becker marine. Mewis duct to be a lowrisk decision, as returnoninvestment roi is typically achieved within a year of the becker mewis duct installation. Tanker operator conference making money in a tough market. Golden becker mewis duct at smm 2014 claims its topselling product has already cut co2 by 900,000 tonnes to date. Friedrich mewis, mewis ship hydrodynamics, dresden. The becker mewis duct bmd is a system that can be installed onboard ships making possible to either achieve significant reduction of fuel usage at a given speed or to allow the vessel to move faster for a particular power ratio. Mewis duct consists of a number of stator fins and a duct, placed in front of the propeller. Second international symposium on marine propulsors, hamburg, germany, june 2011. Pdf study on extrapolation method for selfpropulsion. The becker mewis duct is an energysaving device developed for fullform slower ships enabling either significant power savings at a given speed or. To define the guidelines for the design of a mewis duct for a small bulk.

Mewis duct new developments, solutions and conclusions. Dirk lehmann managing director at becker and inventor friedrich mewis, who. Her younger sister samantha was also a member of that squad. The mewis duct is a novel powersaving device which has been. Environmental issues and rising fuel prices necessitate better energyefficiency in all sectors. With our global presence, we create local employment and. The seahorse 35 design is developed with specific focus on. The 100% free pdf creator and pdf convertor supplied by works with all windows programs and has a lot of features you wouldnt expect from free software. The study makes emphasis on the costeffectiveness of. Create perverse incentives to optimize for design speed, flat water, deep loading in the absence of the strong imo policy we need, transparency is key. Kappel propeller with mewis duct efficiency increased by up to 11%. Marine trading, supply and service company baltmarine. It was developed first by luigi stipa 1931 and later by ludwig kort 1934.

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