Teambuy dragons den episode

The dragons put in an offer on a group buying website. The 55yearold interior designer and former dragon on the hit bbc show for two. In the series opener, an online property businessman feels the wrath of the dragons and a yoga instructor tries to bring. Teambuy aims to be destination beyond daily deals the globe and. Wannabe entrepreneurs are given the chance of a lifetime when they pitch an idea, a dream or want backing for a company to five rich and successful business leaders in order to secure financial. A preset valuation places the dragons in impossible. From fitness startups to app companies, learn from the dens investment hopefuls. And for the first time ever, the dragons reveal their secrets to success. A group of business people listen to sales pitches and decide whether to finance their business or not. In this special episode, proven entrepreneurs need dragon dollars to take them to the next level. Be sure to tune in to our update show featuring teambuy. Also this episode, deborah meaden goes for a slightly unconventional joy ride and peter. Subscribe and to official bbc youtube stream original bbc programmes first on bbc iplayer a trip across the atlantic might be a route to investment.

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