Types of bridges in networking pdf books

Bridging and ibm networking configuration guide book pdf cisco. Preface the goal of this book is to provide a basic understanding of the technical design and architecture of the internet. Different types of bridges computer network ethernet scribd. Bridges were created to allow network administrators to segment their. Car traffic bridge the most common ty pe of bridge, with two or more lanes designed to carry car and truck traffic of various inten sities. Bridges models and types a bridge connects lan segments to form a single flat network that appears as a continuous level 2 domain or lan.

So far this book has examined topologies, media access methods, networking. Bridges are networking devices that connect networks. A repeater operates at the physical layer and forwards everything. Bridges understanding networking components and devices for. Some slides form the book andrew tannenbaum, computer. Switches, routers, bridges and lansbridges wikibooks, open. Good formatting makes a book easier to read and more interesting for readers.

Different types of bridges free download as word doc. A bridge is an electronic device that connects two lan. Allows frame filtering based on media access control mac address, protocol type, or the vendor code. The book is aimed at all audiences even those with absolutely no prior tech. Some of the functions of this network are communication with the help of an e mail, messaging, video and device sharing like scanners, printers, sharing files. The success of ethernet bridges led to proposals for several other types of bridges connecting other local area networks and even widearea bridges. Networks, 4th edition, the books by fred halsall, farouzan. These are emphatically not the types of bridges were discussing here. These are more complex and more expensive than their physical layer counterparts, but they do have advantages. Transparent bridges are by far the most popular types of bridges. Bridgeslan switches operate at the data link layer layer 2.

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