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This study aims to assess the possible effects of the arms trade treaty, if and when it is adopted, on russian arms exports. Full text versions of the treaty are available for download in. United nations the arms trade treaty preamble the states parties to this treaty, guided by the purposes and principles of the charter of the united nations, recalling article 26 of the charter of the united nations which seeks to promote the establishment and maintenance of international peace and security with. The arms trade treaty att would establish a legallybinding global agreement to control the. An electronic copy word or pdf file of a state partys report may be sent to the following email address. The arms trade treaty and drones the stimson center. States parties initial reports on measures undertaken to implement the att hereafter referred to as initial reports should demonstrate treaty implementation and provide greater transparency of the global arms trade and its regulatory processes. How to use the arms trade treaty to address genderbased violence a practical guide for risk assessment 1. August 22 marked the opening date of the weeklong second conference of states parties to the arms trade treaty in geneva, switzerland. Arms transfersinternational instruments arms transfersinternational instruments imprint new york. How to use the arms trade treaty to address genderbased. This study concludes that the arms trade treaty contains many novel and important elements. The eu att outreach project eu activities in support of the implementation of the arms trade treaty this project is funded by the eu this project is funded by the german federal foreign office and bafa.

General assembly ga adopted the arms trade treaty att on a vote of 154 nations in favor including the united states, 23 abstentions, and 3 against iran, north korea. They may be used in place of a report in table format if a. This memorandum revises the security assistance management manual. Leaked documents reveal russian effort to exert influence in africa 11. States have a right to selfdefence, but these rights come with responsibilities. Annex 3 comprises two templates for nil reports, one for exports and one for imports. For treaties where the secretarygeneral of the united nations is not the depository, the records in this database rely on information provided to the.

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